I. Smile. 😊

I’ve learnt to smile and it’s been a while. 

Changes around, just like the new beat in my heartbeat sound. 

I’ve learnt to give up and never look back,

 it had always been this easy to never give back. 

Maybe a little more hard at heart, 

maybe a little more lenient towards a new heart. 

What scares me most is not knowing love is replaceable, 

but this riddle caught up between time making my love capable. 

For someone who loves as hard as she laughs and hugs as deep as it hurts.

Learning to hide it all in a smile before love takes another birth. “Hold on , its not easy” to make my future slogan I must be crazy. 

They soak me in positivity around, with unarmed mentality pistols do they surround. 

A single trigger to break to it all up, one day. 

Don’t think i ever would, because I have travelled more than half way. 

Reaching beyond the imagined positivity future mile. 

I have learnt to smile, and it’s been a while. 

-ZohraSaman. 🐣


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