I see and look away For it shines bright to convey

I don’t want to see, I don’t want to hear 

It promises me that there is nothing to fear 

I hold back 

It takes us back 

It conveys all’s fine and wonderful 

You are still the same, maybe I look beautiful 

It promises nothing to convey 

But a glimpse through past or future either way 

There’s a joy unfamiliar 

Past and future to be similar 

I see us laughing, in both 

I see us together in both 

And just when I am about to look away it urges me to look forth. 

Our remains seen each time together we giggle. 

Our love’s heard aloud in a crackle. 

It begins to slowly fade away.

I realise the moon too has begin to play. 

A dark cloud surrounds. And I beg the moon to not go away. 

Tears in my eyes. I hear the moon disappear and say “Destined with all whom you loved ,you are to be away”
I realise that they were all the same. 

Just like the moon you too are part of the game.
With much guilt do I ask

What’s more difficult in this task 

Being someone’s far away moon?

Or trying to look away from the moon.? 

-ZohraSaman 🙂


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