A Hijabi Diary page 💙 #sneakpeak 

I didn’t start many years ago. It wasn’t because “I suddenly woke up one day and never wanted to be looked at, the way I was seen before”.
A journey I am glad I walk upon, like any other, with its ups and downs.
A new journey without a destination usually starts of with us being lost and so was I. Facing some really awkward situations. Where publicly if I “with a hijab on” did something that was better than most of the people around me.

I received reactions that seemed like they thought I was being a “too much”
Well, it was my start….
Like we do not understand how 2 multiplied by 2 would give 4 just like 2 added to 2 does, while wanting to do more in those primary school math books.
The same way we do not know how to react to people who want to know why we put on our hijab. “All of a sudden”.
Surely it’s a struggle. Because clearly no Muslim girl is born with a hijab covering her hair. Specifically.
Sometimes it gets easy when your sister stared it because your moms best friends have started it, and your aunts do the same thing, so it’s a house full of Hijabs and Hijabi’s.
The struggle does not end for those who really realise, that maybe choosing the first step towards Deen over Dunya may be helpful.
“So be patient and Allah will grant you paradise” these powerful words, give a hijabi the strength to carry her hijab off beautifully even if it’s burning 45 degree all around her.
Those days we tell ourselves hell is hotter* 🙂
And oh.

Please for a second do not think “we changed”.

Definitely our minds begin to be conscious of Allah, we are at an alarmed stage about our aura.
But that doesn’t, does not let us look down, ever, upon a fellow sister who is a non hijabi. We love you and expect the same from you.
Our ways may be different. Our thoughts maybe a contrast. But know that we too have our struggles.

We fight them on daily basis.
Help us keep away from the sins we have committed you and I are well aware of.
So the next time you see her dressed in a hijab. Know that she struggles to put it on to please her maker every single day, and maybe your are so much more better than her.

So help her to do it right.. 🙂


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