One of the biggest blessings given to us by Allah (swt) is our heart.
Your heart will always have the ability to love. No matter what you love, in forms of materialistc objects or be it a person, your heart will always in it find the ability to love.
The term “Mohabba” in Arabic means to love, and the term can be defined as the ability to erase
everything else from a heart, except the beloved. It is to desire something or someone to such an extent
that your heart has been over taken by their need.
Your thoughts are about them, to such an extent that you tend to forget you, your own reality.
Fall in love, for its natural. But first Learn to Fall in love with Allah
1. Have you noticed that the person you fall for has a unique quality in them that attracts you towards them, it can be their looks or personality you are attracted to, that one ability in them that no one else poses.
But have you thought about Falling in Love with Allah?!
Do you not know that he is Ar-Rahman, Ar-Raheem, will you ever , ever be able to find such qualites in any another?
2. The human heart instantly tends to be drawn towards those who provide it with favors. The favors that others do for you, makes you want to live upto everything they expect from you and so you love them.
But He, the Almighty, from your eye lashes that keep away dust falling into your eye to the ability to scroll this page ahead, his favors upon you are countless.
Fabi-ayyi ala-i rabbikuma tukaththibani. (Then which of the favours. Of your Lord will ye deny?)
3. We love those that are always there for us, who help us through bad days, bad choices and sick beside us even if we have completely messed up. A true friend is infact he who is a friend in your tmes of need.
Remember, When all doors are close, Allah will always be there. He says “Take one step towards me, I will take ten steps towards you. Walk towards me, I will run towards you.”. Hadith Qudsi.
Notice the love of Allah is so much that even a Kafir, calls out to A God when in time of need, which is due to the hearts ability to LOVE.
So understand your hearts need to love Allah , as he says “ those who have Iman will have
extreme love only for Allah.
– Zohra Saman.

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