Do not Despair.

“I am feeling so depressed because the internet connection has been low this entire week” as I heard my little sister use the word “depressed” I quickly paid attention to what she was saying. Under no circumstance would I let my baby sister almost reaching teenage feel “depressed”

As I pondered upon it a little longer I related our shackles of depression, to a talk that instantly made me feel like “Feeling Depressed” was only being less thoughtful of the right things , and I hope the following lines I share with you have in them the ability to make you feel the same.

As a Momin we often feel “low on Iman” and have found ourselves depressed over an issue; basically there are 2 reasons why we feel depressed;

  1. Having a Nafs = a wishlist : Yes! A Nafs that constantly keeps asking for more even when you are blessed with much is nothing but a list that has been made through shaitaan whispers.

This list of “wanting more” also relates to how we think we can get away with a small sin, ignore it, and after a while realise you’ve harmed yourself much more than you imagined.

Hence, leading you to feel guilty, sad, unworthy, and eventually into an unexpected depression. (the problem being little sin we thought was just “okay to do” ; my dear, it wasn’t )

Surah Zumar 39:53

Say “O Ibadi (my slaves) who have transgressed against themselves (by commiting evil deeds and sins)! Despair not of the mercy of Allah; Verily; Allah Forgives all sins. Truly He is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.

  1. Those who are fed up of this world, and life has become Hell for them: A lot of such people want to die, due to their complaints about this world not being good enough for them. Being fed up is not a choice to give up, there is no permeance in the day that changes to the night , nor is their permanence in the night that changes to another day, so when the time is changing why should we be sad??

Surah Zumar 39: 58

Or Lest he should say when he sees the torment; “If only I had another chance to return to the world, then I should be among the muhsinun (good-doers).

You and I know happiness doesn’t last, nor does sadness. Every single person irrespective of who he is goes through hardship. It is the only way to pass a test, so instead of feeling sad and depressed about it find a solution for it.

“Fa Inna Ma’al Yusri Yusra” 94:6 (know that with hardship comes ease) indeed it was he who made you laugh, so it is him who makes you cry. Thank Allah for your struggles for indeed through them he brings you closer to him.

When you feel disconnected, not interested, your thoughts over power your actions remember your lord in abundance say: Ya hayyu, Ya Qayyum bi rahmatika astagheetu  (the living, Sustainer  , in your mercy I plead for rescue ) for success when you feel darkness in your thoughts pray abundantly, negative thoughts are the whispers of shaitaan and this will let your Iman sink low.

The negative that you think creates, the negative feelings. The harm that has affected us, has been bought upon us only by our misdeeds.

Learn to be positive over every situation, do not be sad even without knowing why you are feeling sad, enjoy what Allah has blessed you with, and be thankful because it could be worse than this and it is not. Verily only because, Indeed Allah is with you.

P.S: DO NOT DESPAIR, DO NOT LOOSE HOPE, kyunki umeed pe hi toh Dunya khayam hai

-Zohra Saman 🙂

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