The Only Daughter Crisis

The Only Daughter Crisis. 
After days of praying for that one bag, I could not get out of my mind, more so for its unaffordable brand price than its totally worth classy sassy look. 

I finally did managed to get my parents to buy it , after being the best daughter for over a month. 

Unable to control my excitement as usual when I quickly whatsapped my friend asking her to come over for a surprise. I presented grandly to her the gift that I had received after days of wait. 

Not so thoughtfully her reaction made me forget all the love I had for my beloved Bag. 

“You’re the only daughter! Offcourse that’s why you will get all that you wish for” 
Ah. Ah. Ah. 

I could not reciprocate to her saying “do you even know how many times I had to think even before demanding or wishing for this bomb” present right there.

I smiled at her words,probably many of us being the only daughter’s face in this not so cruel world. 
People are judgemental, and for most of them, if they aren’t, they feel their opinion is being missed out on, and relating to the only daughter crisis. 
There is a lot more to us that you with more siblings , and a heavenly blessed younger or elder sister do not realise. 
For most of us, we play it all. The elder one, the younger one, the only one #theLonelyone. 

And I don’t understand how you could term what our parents afford for us, as a resultant of being the only daughter. 
It is tougher than it actually sounds, not only do we always have our parents attention always on us ( Just imagine ) with undivided love, it also brings in the responsibility that we alone, are to pay back that unconditional love to them. This is heavy, and dealing with it alone isn’t as easy as having a sibling to share your emotions with. 
As Prophet Mohammed (saw) mentions: “Lucky is a woman whose first child is a daughter.”
Such is an understanding that we as woman I believe are to share. We play many roles that we never have confidence in, unless we are made to step into each role. 

Similarly the friend of yours, who is the only daughter, is a blessing God choose for her family. Without your consent, your opinion and a vast varying life differing from yours. 
So do yourself a favour. Thank Allah for what you have , including your siblings, and never feel someone is more blessed because they are the only children to their parents, as there are some realities more harsh. 

Where some parents do not have any children (you and I could be one of them) 

And some may have lost their parents today. ( you and I can be one of them) 

Stop. And be thankful for being you. 

Inna lilahi wa Inna ilaihi rajioon. 

( To Allah we belong, and to him is our final return) 

Zohra Saman 💚


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