Imagine a garden. A garden full of plants, trees, shrubs, flowers, buds, butterflies, cocoons, tiny little insects and an ambiance that makes you fall in love with nature the minute you step into it.

Have you gone that far?? No! Stop.

You have not gone that far yet in reality,  at least not when I assume that you have not thanked your maker for what you see around you.

A lot of us have developed stepping into appreciating what we have around us, without being thankful for it. Developing a major,major barrier to feeling optimistic and cheerful.

What most of us are doing, is stepping into that garden too quickly, looking too quickly at everything a beautiful garden offers to us and instantly complaining about a cactus that is not a part of your garden.

We do not understand that the cactus garden you saw on XYZ’s Instagram page who lives in the middle of middle east is not what is meant to be for your tropical garden, and adding that to your garden is only going to cause you more pessimism.

These negative thoughts will bring you greater amount of ungratefulness even before you realize how magical your garden is, the way it is.

Our lives are just like these unique gardens. Each of us possess magnificent amount of beauty named as blessings in a time period called as life, given as a gift to us , by the Almighty.

This gift of live is to be cherished and made the most of, while unknowingly we cause ourselves harm, no harm is done to us when we enjoy what we are given, instead of wanting what somebody else has been given.

At most times, we tend to become sad, even without knowing the actual reasons for our sadness. This is the harm you cause yourself, when you have no reason to be sad! why are you being sad??  Do you not know that he, the Almighty is closer to you than your jugular vein?!

Understand that this world is always going to be a ride through sunlight and shadows, a ride and a journey. Ask yourself again, has a journey or a ride ever been permanent.?? Clearly it is not and so is nothing in this world permanent, not even your life.

So choose Jannah for Happiness (if you wish for) and work towards it or choose Sadness (Hell) which does feel like so alive and dead.

Remember, even when a thorn pricks a true believer, some of his sins are wiped away, so be proud and strong face these thorns in your garden with bravery, knowing there is good in it.

Here are few quick tips that we have not realized, are leading and creating negative thoughts:

  1. Not doing your right towards others: When someone has not fulfilled their duty unto you,you feel like your world is falling apart, causing a lot of depressing thoughts. So, stop thinking about who has wronged you and think about whom you have wronged, by not doing what you are supposed to do for them. (this includes your parents)
  2. Using internet unnecessarily  : Even though you are reading this on the internet. Stop excessive usage when you know its doing more bad than good.
  3. Worrying about others/ Dunya : Include habits of being more conscious about your Akhirah. Focus on your self development.
  4.  Live without expecting from others: Live a life where you do all that you do for your maker, for he it is who rewards you in this world and the hereafter. Expect only from Allah, for he is the giver, who only chooses people and sources at different timings.
  5. Be loyal : To yourself, to your maker, and to those whom you take as a part of your life.

It is said that nothing should make a believing muslim sad. Whatever happens you should not be sad, by not being so, you give hope to others who look upto you. Never loose hope or be discouraged. Every season has hope. You just have to be patient. After darkness comes light.

This is the true life of a a believer, after all darkness a ray of light enters and eventually all light will come. When we have hope, we win. Sometimes, we do loose but try to win again.

There is no need for us to be sad.

Whatever may happen, you will always find a new door open, we need to have faith and wait and it will open, another reason to smile. You will win.

When it gets tougher, work harder. You have to find a solution. The days are never the same, they change, everyday.

When you want to have something, it will come when it has to come.

If summer was not so harsh, you would never relish the relationship of thirst and water, never would you enjoy under a huge tree its shade and the peace it brings.

While you wait for the rain to stop under the same tree , constantly trying only by looking to pave a way back, and when you do , you know your efforts patience and watch has not been useless.

After the storms the winds, sadly stop.

So,feel the winds and Sabr till your storm ends.

Similarly, take care of your body and soul. When you forget to take care of your soul, it does fall sick, which will take away your body too. So do not wait, take care of your soul from now, by simply keeping your thoughts clean and pure. As negative thoughts will keep adding to the bad in your soul.

Simle ; its a Sadaqa and sadaqa washes away sins.

Always ALWAYS be happy.Be a person of ALLHAMDULILAH, write your blessings,read them and be thankful. See what a great garden Allah has given you, everything you own  and posses, smile and be happy.

Having no courage makes you weak, take the chances, opportunities do not knock twice. Believe that you can take care of the big things, and see yourself find courage. For instance if you believed you can run only a 100m race, you may get tired after running 50m , but if you believe you can do a 400m run then watch yourself never ever get tired before 100m. Who knows, tomorrow you may find the courage to win 400m, if you have put your trust in Allah alone,along with doing your bit. So face such situations and win.

Be courageous enough to be Happy Always.

Mayus na ho, Irade na badal.

Taqdeer badal sakti hai.

Himmat paida karna chahiye.

Ankhon ke sapne ko Badal na Badal

Mushkil to har ek ko kuch na kuch sikhati hi hai.

Zohra Saman. 


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