Never Give Up

This feels real.

Its 1:48 am and I feel EXTREMELY Happy!

A dream has come true. Speaking of it, after asking my mother for a hundred + days ( I am lying , I asked maybe 4 times)  to allow me to create a YouTube Channel, I finally did manage to create one. (I wasn’t allowed to for a very long time)

OH! off-course I uploaded my first video tonight.

As an Arts student being creative has been so much more easier than wondering if I should click something on the internet or not. But, today I feel like an achiever for quickly creating a power point presentation, turning it into a video and now after a few more lines of Happiness I will share the link right below!!

It feels good to hope, on knowing that someday , something may click and I would end up having a million subscribers !! ( I agree I am way too excited) so did I think with my blog on wordpress and my page on instagram.

However, even if nothing has turned out to be as big as I’ve dreamed I am so greateful that every single day , there is a new opportunity waiting at my door, knocking shamelessly at my laziness to get something done. Many a days I regret the time I could have spent, the extra effort I could have put it.

Nevertheless, there is hope all through these changing seasons, All we’ve got to do is, make the most of it before the next one arrives!

P.S :  My latest hobby includes fetching, cooking and sharing of new recipes after trying them.

Do subscribe to my YouTube channel  : Zohra’s Scullery

Its funny how I did turn a presentation into a video in 10 minutes / watch : EASY LONER RECIPE


Like, subscribe & comment as I promise to come up with better  Muslim Cuisine recipes soon!
-Zohra Saman ❤


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