What Consumes your Mind Controls your Life (Positive thinking)

I am as my servant thinks of me. I am with him when He remembers me. If He mentions me within himself. I mention him within myself. If He mentions me in an assembly , I mention him in a better assembly. If He comes near to me a hand-span,  I come near to him the distance of a cubit. If he comes near to me the distance of a cubit, I come near to him the distance of two spread arms. If he comes to me walking, I come to him running. Sahih Bukhari

We all live once, some of our experiences repeat some of the people in our lives stay while the others leave, we struggle and try to achieve the maximum benefit in these limited days in the limited time we all have. We All want it All at a limited period of time called Life.

We plan and things do not happen.

Things go wrong.

For each one of us.

The only reaction we should train ourselves to have – is that- Allah is the Greatest and he can do whatever he wills.

Allah says; I am according to the opinion of my slaves, I will do what they think I can. 

This is called Positive Thinking.

Medical science proves that one-third of the healing process is in our minds. The process has been named Positive thinking. Because it is all in the mind. Everything is based on our thoughts. Have a mental and emotional attitude, that helps you when you feel sick , to convince your self that you will recover, that you can.

How can you possibly think that “this” cannot happen ?? when you know Allah can do anything!

Surah Yaseen : 82 Verily, His command , He intends a thing, is only He says ‘BE AND IT IS’

Such an attitude provokes positive results! When we believe we will be successful. We have to bring positivist into our lives, by understanding that what we see is most of the time not a reality, there is more knowledge to every situation and the knowledge of it is with Allah alone.

You cannot change whats destined, but by thinking positively you always know that there is good in everything. The trick here is to focus on getting the negative out of your system in order to simply inculcate positive thinking.

Here are a few steps you and I Inshallah can try on..

  • To think and reflect upon what is happening, with every action that is affecting us and those things or people that are of concern.
  • Knowing that some things can never be under our control at the same time, and believing that a good result may take time to show up.
  • Know that nothing in life is a co incidence. Everything is planned by the one who created you. While you keep yourself away from doing the  “obvious wrong” and protect yourself from hell.
  • Control your thoughts , do NOT linger upon a thing more than the attention and interest it requires, make sure it is a benefit to your present and future.
  • The Quran teaches us the use of right words, always speak a manner that is healing to others , this will bring peace to you as well.
  • Say good things with good intentions and good will happen even in the worst scenarios.
  • Do not make a mountain out of a mole hill. Stop.

Breathe, Focus.


  • Do not over think. (You are not Google, you cannot tell people with a small lump, that it could be a xyz type of cancer)
  • Instead ask them to go to a hospital , with the thought that it would be a small infection and there would be nothing to worry about by Allah’s will. Then watch NOTHING happen.
  • Do not assume, nor let those around do so.
  • Know that when something does not happen Allah has saved you from something you do not know off.

Look at what you have and be grateful. Allah takes away his  mercy from those who are not thankful.

Allah does not burden a soul more than it can take. Surah Baqarah : 286 

  • Stop thinking because there is so much of knowledge with Allah that you are unaware of,
  • It is so that you like a thing and it is bad for you, where as you hate a thing which is good for you.
  • Cross each of your path daily one by one, have trust in ALLAH.

Do not fear drowning, because you will not drown unless you fear drowning.

  • Take action, do your bit and then only then leave it to Allah
  • Once you’ve done so, trust him to do the best.
  • He knows whats good for you, as he knows the exact amount of rain needed in the area you live in.

They Plan and Allah plans and Allah is the best of planners. Surah Al Anfal : 30

  • So, be pateint.
  • Allah is always with the patient.
  • Seek his help in the good and bad.
  • Know that his help is coming.

A Person who starts his day with Fajr comes under the responsibility of Allah, so perfect your Salah.

Learn to smile ever single day, Yes right now too! A single ray of hope comes and brightens up an entire area of darkness, these are your thoughts, beautify your mind and lifestyle, keep away the negative people. Every season has hope.

Verily WITH Hardship COMES Ease. Surah Al Inshirah :94

Prepare your heart for this RAMADAN 2017, Cleanse your heart and mind 🙂

A  reminder to myself before you all.

-Zohra Saman.


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