Knowledge of the Unseen

via Daily Prompt: Yarn

As a student of Life Science, I recall my class was spread across a wide variety of people and mentality ( that could never be the same). At the end of my First year at college the second semester more precisely, we were introduced to the subject ‘textiles’.

A course that offered a number of subjects each semester, for a variety of people, it managed to keep us engrossed in doing things that we on some days liked, hated, cursed and other days were fascinated by,  learning the new creative stuff we weren’t interested in and bring them into our universe for the sake of marks.

As I Speak of an ocean of knowledge today, I link it back to my practical class of textiles on a Wednesday afternoon when my teacher had given us a piece of cloth on an exercise to find the fabric count, (a formula is still do not want to google and find out though)  included concepts of the weft yarn and the warp yarn and how the interlaced one another. A beautiful thing for a toddler to explore with a fancy needle, unlike for 18 year old’s who did not want to attend college after the lunch hour.

As I reflect as a student of Islamic Studies now.

I see yarns to be a part of an imagery that can be used to explain the knowledge seeking humans, struggling just like the innumerable detailing that a yarn goes through to come out as a fine piece of fabric.

The closure of our Knowledge , a vast vast ocean of yarns where today I feel God watches the detailing, the interlacing and some how connects all of our life’s dots to bring out a beautiful tomorrow or maybe a beautiful hereafter, just like the resultant fabric yard.

There is so much to this ‘Yarn of life’ without a definition, beautified with emotions, characters and clash of personalities that as I look back to my classmates and compare them to today’s world. Each one us is exploring, enduring, makes me feel like each of us is a yarn interlacing what we require to imbibe in us. The colors that best suit us with each print and form, forming together what only Allah can watch in our unseen.

So I remind myself first before you all together we can face any challenge as deep as the ocean and together reach limits till the sky 🙂

-Zohra Saman.



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