Priceless Advices from Shaykh Tauqeer (db):


Assalam o alaikum wa rehmatullah wa barakatohu


Alhamdulillah, Allah ta’ala has been extremely merciful to us that He has blessed us with yet another month of Ramadan. We should fully utilize this month and struggle to train ourselves to gain His nearness.


This Ramadan, we should all re-connect to Allah ta’ala, something that we have been missing all our lives.  Tell yourself that this is my goal this Ramadan and I should try my level best to achieve this insha Allah.


We should all put extra effort in our prayers and recitation of the Qur’an.  Stand in the prayers as if you are standing in front of Allah ta’ala, in awe of Him.


The other thing that I want all of us to strive with is our character (akhlaq) and adab.  Remove any ill feelings from your heart and humble yourselves in front of Allah ta’ala and other people, specially your parents, teachers and mashaaikh.


I also encourage you to listen to the Ramadan reminders from our website, by searching ‘Ramadan’ in the audio section.


Below are some general ‘DOs and DON’Ts’ advices that I wanted to share with you all:


1. Your daily prescribed istighfar and salawat. Please see the YouTube videos below to understand the importance of all the prescribed adh’kar.
2. At least the finishing of one whole Qur’an, the more the better.
3. Performing Tahajjud every single day. For women who are unable to pray, engage in household help for suhur time and also engage in du’aa.
4. Du’a at the time of Suhur. This is the time of the acceptance of du’a. Take it as your blank cheque number one of the day. Write whatever amount you can write on it!
5. Du’a before iftaar. Don’t be shy in raising your hands at least 5 minutes before iftar. If you are at home or have been invited elsewhere, just raise your hands and encourage others to do the same. There is no show off in doing that, don’t worry. This is also the time of acceptance of du’as. This is blank cheque number 2!
6. Taraveeh (20 rakahs please!) For men, please try to listen to the whole Quran behind the Imam.
7. Not missing out any prayer, including Sunnah Muakkadahs.
8. No TV / music / socialization (online or in person).
9. If you have to meet others, e.g. if you are invited for iftar; accept the invitation, break iftar and come back as soon as possible.
10. No gossipping.
11. No backbiting.
12. Aiming to spend at least 30 minutes in muraqabah everyday, the more the better. Women who are unable to pray should do at least two hours of muraqabah everyday, even if it is in bits and pieces.
13. Charity, even that amount which is small; the more the better.
14. For men, i’tikaaf in the mosque for last 10 days. If you can’t afford that, then as much as possible. It’s also recommendable for women to do i’tikaf at home if possible.
15. NO SINS !!!


Take this Ramadan as the opportunity of your life time.


Do remember me and my family in your precious dua’s
A lowly servant of Allah ta’ala,
Clearly I did copy paste a message I recieved, something I would love to spread to everyone making Ramadan resolutions! 🙂
Stay Blessed 🙂
-Zohra Saman.

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