The Only Daughter Crisis

The Only Daughter Crisis.  After days of praying for that one bag, I could not get out of my mind, more so for its unaffordable brand price than its totally worth classy sassy look.  I finally did managed to get my parents to buy it , after being the best daughter for over a month.  […]

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Do not Despair. “I am feeling so depressed because the internet connection has been low this entire week” as I heard my little sister use the word “depressed” I quickly paid attention to what she was saying. Under no circumstance would I let my baby sister almost reaching teenage feel “depressed” As I pondered upon […]


Lack of In betweens 

She loves both deep and fast With all of herself, or not one bit. To give people all of her light,in turn struggle to understand when they don’t pay that back. She want’s you to think,she can’t be hurt,but the truth is,she gets hurt easier than most. She’s fierceness and tenderness within the same breath. This […]

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Ship ❤️

Believing my sight Away from these lights  Be not a knight  But a hero dressed in white.  Look deep into the ocean  For you’ll find her in no season  Deep beneath you’ll see her stand  Waiting for her man  Each vow of love a part of our story  Lost without an anchor, forgotten history   […]

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A day filled with energy. A day filled with joy. A monstrous laughter by your side, always appreciate the one beside. While you know you haven’t lost it all just as yet. Know that you have lost, all that you seem to forget. It’s not the materialistic world that matters for I believe this “Dunya” to […]

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